ARTS & CULTURE | Strengthening communities through a vibrant cultural landscape

We are supporting efforts to make the beauty and meaning of arts and culture accessible to all those who seek it.

Cultivating a fertile arts and culture landscape strengthens the soul and character of communities. It can also empower individuals to participate more fully in learning and to embrace the importance of community service.

Museums have something important to do with social well-being. -James Snyder, Director, Israel Museum

We invest in arts and culture as a complement to our work on some of the most difficult social challenges facing Israel and our hometown of Tulsa, OK. In Israel, we helped to launch the Jerusalem Season of Culture (JSOC), with a firm belief that a vibrant cultural landscape could play a role in restoring Jerusalem as a modern, open capital and providing a gateway for greater connection with Israel.

Jerusalem is increasingly being seen as a center of art, culture and creativity, rather than just a place of conflict, -Naomi Bloch Fortis, Executive Director, Jerusalem Season of Culture

We also help Israeli artists expand their presence, both in Israel and on the world stage, through efforts that include placing Israeli artists in residencies at universities and cultural institutions throughout North America.

That unique spirit is being restored to Jerusalem and the cultural life of the capital is again thriving... -Rivka Saker, Senior Director and Chairman, Sotheby's Israel

In Oklahoma, exposing children to the arts has long been a part of our education agenda. Over the years, we have supported a wide range of programs through which cultural institutions in Tulsa share their passion and talent with young people. More recently, we helped to bring the Kennedy Center’s nationally renowned Any Given Child program to Tulsa to create an affordable long-range arts education plan for students.

Enabling citizens and visitors alike to experience a vibrant cultural landscape can help change perceptions of and strengthen investment in the future of a city. We are proud to support the efforts of our partners to expose more people to the beauty and majesty of arts and culture in their own backyard.

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