CHILD WELFARE | Helping children lead safe, healthy, productive lives.

Early childhood is a formative stage in a person’s life. We are investing in helping children grow up in safe environments so they can lead healthy lives and contribute to their communities.

For 25 years, child advocacy has been a mainstay of our grantmaking. Our work in this area focuses primarily on the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect in Israel and our hometown of Tulsa, OK.

A Promise Fulfilled

Together with our partners, we aim to address all aspects of the cycle of abuse and neglect and shine a light on the needs of at-risk children. Central to our efforts is promoting greater cooperation, collaboration and exchanges between our partners in Israel and Tulsa.

In Israel, we have long supported Succat Shalom, a residential center for abused children and their families, and Beit Lynn, an emerging network of treatment facilities. In recent years, we helped launch the Haruv Institute as an international center for training, research, education and public policy in the field of child abuse and neglect.

In Tulsa, we helped the Parent Child Center build a residential treatment center, similar to Succat Shalom in Israel. We are also invested in long-term partnerships with the University of Oklahoma-Child Abuse Pediatrics, Child Protection Coalition, Family and Children’s Services, Child Abuse Network and Youth Services of Tulsa, among others.

Our commitment to improving child welfare has deepened as our experience in this area has grown. As our late founder, Charles Schusterman (z”l), said, “The rising tide of child abuse and neglect in our communities will not be resolved until each one of us recognizes our own responsibility to protect the right of every child to a safe and secure upbringing.” 


Meet Stacey, a caseworker with the Parent Child Center, who has committed her life to breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect for Tulsa’s most vulnerable citizens.

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