Education is the key to a better future—for people, communities, countries and our world. We are preparing today’s learners to be tomorrow’s qualified workforce and engaged citizens.

The correlation between education and quality of life is undeniable. Those who complete high school and college have greater employment prospects, higher earning potential and are able to contribute more to their communities. But for too many students, learning is limited not by aptitude but by access.

I ensure that our students, 100% of whom live in poverty, are ready to learn. -Amy Putnam, Community School Coordinator, Marshall Elementary

Increasing high-quality educational opportunities and outcomes for all students, from the elementary to university level, has been a cornerstone of our work for 25 years.

There is a huge amount of energy and progress toward ensuring that kids growing up in our lowest-income areas have the potential to get a good education. -Wendy Kopp, Founder and Chair of the Board, Teach for America

Starting in our own backyard of Tulsa, OK, we have supported institutions and programs that encourage learning in both formal and informal settings. These efforts have included helping to secure and grow the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa campus and bringing Teach For America into the Tulsa Public School system.

That phone call transformed higher education in Tulsa. It allowed us to create a more cohesive educational experience for our students. -David Boren, President, Oklahoma University

As we have expanded our work to strengthen public education across the U.S., we continue to invest in promising reform efforts within and outside of school systems that are attracting, training and retaining highly effective teachers and leaders. We also support alternative and experimental approaches that complement traditional classroom instruction and improve the affordability of college and career training opportunities.

A passion for learning instilled at an early age can help foster social mobility, self-sufficiency, self-respect and self-improvement. We are proud to work with our partners to promote excellence in all aspects of the education cycle, from classroom practice to public policy. Together we can help prepare current and future generations to succeed in a competitive global marketplace.

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