SERVICE | Putting values at the forefront of efforts to serve the common good

We are investing in a Jewish service movement that aims to inspire and connect young Jews eager to make a difference in the world.

Service is the highest expression of tikkun olam, the Jewish imperative to repair the world. Studies show that people who engage in service at a young age are more likely to promote these values throughout their lifetime.

A Family Tradition
Each of us is worth only what we are willing to give to others. -Lynn Schusterman

Service to others has been a cornerstone of our work since the earliest days. We encourage all of our partner organizations in Tulsa, Israel and Jewish communities across the world to infuse service and volunteer opportunities into their programming.

There is a body of research that shows that people are more likely to succeed in life when they know that they can be effective. Engaging in service is incredibly important in demonstrating that. -David Eisner, CEO, Repair the World

Since the early 2000’s, we have supported an emerging Jewish movement that sees service as a defining element of Jewish life and as┬ácentral to strengthening the identities of young Jews. Our investments help to enhance the quantity, quality and impact of Jewish service experiences and programs. In recent years, we helped to launch Repair the World as a central address for supporting all of the programs and organizations operating in the field of Jewish service.

My goal is to help students define justice for themselves. --Amy Weiss, Director, University of Maryland Hillel

Through these efforts, we aim to inspire greater numbers of young Jews to serve in communities locally and globally and to appreciate the Jewish values inherent in these activities. We also hope to support an environment in which every young person considers a term of service to be a rite of passage and an integral part of his or her Jewish journey.

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