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Frada Feigelson, Co-Founder, Haruv Institute

Succat Shalom is the flagship model of an emergency child abuse center in Israel.

“When we opened Succat Shalom, it was revolutionary. In the past, children were placed in foster homes and separated from their families. In our new model, we were able to sustain and cultivate whatever positive familial connections remained.

“The center is spacious, with treatment facilities, a living area where children play and bedrooms that are colorful and inviting. It provides children with the feeling of what home could—and should—look like. The center is staffed with well-trained psychologists, social workers and child care experts. Now, Succat Shalom is a model for the prevention and treatment of child abuse in Israel and has since been replicated in 10 additional locations in Israel.

“Through its support, the Schusterman Foundation has been at the center of some of the most innovative practices in Israel, from the way that we protect children to how societal awareness of child abuse has grown.

“In creating Beit Lynn, modeled on the child protection centers in Tulsa, they built a place that would help reduce the trauma during abuse investigations. Rather than be dragged from a police station to a hospital to a social worker’s office, all during what is an already difficult period in their lives, children now have a welcoming place to stay.

Nothing like this had ever existed before the Foundation’s initiative, and they remained steadfast throughout the abundance of red tape and bureaucracy. Now, the model is being scaled. There are four centers, in Jerusalem, Tal Hashomer, Be’er Sheva and Haifa. The Ministry of Welfare is committed to establishing four more in order to complete the network of eight centers. The change is having a dramatic impact on children.

“On a larger level, the Foundation has been integral in raising awareness at the highest levels through the Haruv Institute, a research, education and public policy center in Jerusalem. Haruv is expanding its partnerships with institutions internationally, including a training seminar in China and extensive cooperation with some of the leading academic institutions in the United States.

“Together we are building a system that allows abused children in Israel the chance to grow again.”

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