We Support

Repair the World

Promoting Volunteering and Service in the Jewish Community

As the Jewish service movement continued to gain momentum, we joined with the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust, Jim Joseph Foundation and Nathan Cummings Foundation to create Repair the World, the leading authority on and advocate for volunteering and service in and by the American Jewish community.

An outgrowth of the membership-based Jewish Coalition for Service, Repair acts as a field-building organization that strives to dramatically increase the number of young Jews taking part in Jewish and secular service and volunteer projects.

Working with direct-service providers, national institutions and leaders throughout the United States, Repair the World creates opportunities for individuals to connect with meaningful volunteer experiences and provides organizations with resources to enhance existing service programs, inspired by Jewish values.

In keeping with its founding vision, Repair hopes to make service a defining element of Jewish life, learning and leadership by building a generation of Jews dedicated to giving back and addressing the world’s pressing issues through service and volunteerism.

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